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History of Preloved Fashion

by Amused CO 13 Apr 2020

The History of Preloved Fashion

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different said by Coco Chanel, which remains true for preloved fashion

We have seen a surge in trend for preloved fashion consumption for both Western and Eastern countries as we are becoming more sustainably aware and in search of unique pieces not carried by. Preloved Luxury does not necessarily have to be previously worn. it can be a piece which has never been worn as we are finding from the Amused collection, our clients send us their unsuitable gifts, items which are not the right size, perhaps a spontaneous purchase which you have left sitting in your closet. Let’s be honest we all have experienced one of the above!

From the middle ages until the start of the 19th century, preloved fashion has a rich history. In the past, only the wealthy were able to afford new fashion items which were considered extremely expensive at the time. Each piece was a unique craftsman artwork, tailor-made and used for decades. For example, wedding gowns were generationally passed down from mothers to daughters as a family legacy

During the second world war, preloved fashion markets began to appear, especially in Italy where many considered this the main way of shopping which gave access to a variety of well priced and unique selection of items. Some markets sold stolen or lost items that had been previously worn by American soldiers who had invaded local towns. Some of the most famous vintage stores in the US sell the same pieces from this time until now!

Soon after, the industrial revolution was founded based on lower manufacturing costs and cheaper materials, through this the fast-fashion industry was born bringing with it standardized sizes and the opportunity to dress at a lower cost with the latest fashion trends, at that time there was no data provided on the environmental impacts of this new mass consumer feeding industry. 

Amused is here to help you source a piece that has a history, personality, and love. 

There is a special experience and journey that comes with buying a preloved item, like searching for that it-bag in a perfect condition around a good price range. There is a thrill you feel when you connect with a unique piece of clothing that speaks directly to you, an item that has not been included in every store, therefore, it is owned and seen by few people which gives it that uniqueness.

Preloved fashion throughout the decades has shown to provide a better shopping experience. with a focus on quality, sustainability, cost and the fact that there is no better way to upgrade your wardrobe style other than consignment clothing.

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