Sara Teymoor Banaja and Mansoor Banaja are a Saudi British husband and wife team who co-created AMUSED in 2019.

A concept born from their own need to repurpose their luxury items sustainably and not finding local options that offered the experience and security they hoped for!

Within a short space of time AMUSED disrupted the status quo of how luxury in Saudi Arabia is bought and considered.

AMUSED has helped carve a new sector in Saudi Arabia where fashion meets tech, using the latest in AI authentication to guarantee 100% authenticity on every product sold.

COO Mansoor says “We realised after speaking to our customers that there are points of friction. The first point was how can we prove that all the items we sell are actually authentic”

Today AMUSED has a community of thousands of customers expressing themselves through fashion in a sustainable way and with an investment mindset being able to buy luxury items at up to 70% off retail price and in exchange sell their own unused items, which like the Chanel flap bag have seen a 200% increase in this past decade alone.

CEO Sara says ‘trust and customer experience as our priority and this shows in the fact that 40% of our sales are from repeat customers that are returning on a monthly basis’

Having received support from local and international influencers and press such as Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Arab news, Hia Magazine & investments from Sanabil 500 Global VC.

AMUSED mission is to make luxury authentic and accessible to everyone.

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