"I couldn't believe the price and condition when the bag arrived"

Nihal Felemban
Saudi TV Host & Chef


Eman Bukhari
Verified buyer, Jeddah 2023
It arrived and it's perfect, Thank you
Tala Alame
Verified buyer, Jeddah 2022
I was looking for this bag everywhere, and I finally came across the AMUSED website! Am so happy with the condition of the bag and I can't wait to take it on my next vacation.
Salma Bassam
Verified seller, Jeddah 2020
I was so happy you were able to sell every item I gave you, I loved working with AMUSED.
Doaa Monaco
Verified buyer, Jeddah 2022
The team was very friendly and the service was fast & professional. The idea of purchasing luxury with affordable price is luxury itself.
Fatima Bahamdoon
Verified buyer, Jeddah 2023
My daughter introduced me to AMUSED. I received my bag and I love it! Thank you for your help.

"I was so happy to find the item I was looking for at AMUSED"

Basma Sunbol
Saudi sustainability advocate & Influencer


Suha Ehab

Verified buyer, Jeddah 2020

Hessa Al Ajaji

Verified buyer, Riyadh 2023

Nuha Ehab

Verified buyer, Jeddah 2022