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What is Preloved Fashion?

by Amused CO 20 Apr 2020

Disclaimer: This article contains ideas of a disruptive nature!





previously loved; used or owned; second hand

Preloved @ Amused means more than the Collins dictionary description as above; to us, it means the ability to empower our community by providing them a safe space to sustainably purchase their desired wardrobe.

We invite you to see your purchases as investments. Instead of giving your designer pieces to charity, or people around you where it may not be received the same way as someone consciously buying the item out of real love and appreciation for what it truly represents; furthermore you will see a return on your precious investment, which you can then give to charity or invest further in whatever passion you have.

Our belief is that each piece in our wardrobe has a story much like us. We appreciate hearing their stories and learning from them, we truly believe experience makes the piece more interesting.

Through our own experience and research, we have come to understand that many international resellers have not stayed true to their values hence now facing backlash from disappointed customers upon receiving their new investment pieces. Amused co-founders are involved in every area of the business from personally selecting and being part of the quality check process meeting with the clients and understanding how we can make our service better, to writing this blog!

Sustainability is the main pillar at Amused; not only do we run our business sustainability from digitizing all our paperwork, using recyclables where possible and we also operate a cashless payment system accepting POS and bank transfer only to eliminate unnecessary environmental impacts from journeys to ATMs and banks. The fashion industry is estimated to be the second-highest contributing pollutant to the world; it is reported every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned due to overconsumption and fast fashion, can you imagine the devastating effects on the planet this has?

Is that where our happiness is really coming from the need to constantly buy new things?

Is the human race so ego focused that we no longer appreciate the value of our environment?

Our collection is carefully selected, authenticated and curated to bring you the best experience and protection, all whilst offering you discounts of up to 50% on the retailers recommended price (RRP)

Amused items often maintain a shop-like quality; our customers are surprised to understand our pieces are ‘preloved’ once they view them, this is due to the way our community in the GCC live their lives as well as our access to bigger closet spaces, compared to overpopulated cosmopolitan cities in the west where typically the living spaces are far smaller

Amused provides you the opportunity to ethically buy the latest luxury trends like the Louis Vuitton bucket bag of dreams aka the LV Cannes Beauty Case or collabs you were unable to get hold the first time round from the likes of LV x Supreme or woke collabs and environmentalist statement pieces from World Food Programme x Balenciaga.

We love to appreciate and honor the importance of a good fashion strategy! There are certain commandments one must abide by; Thou shalt own the following pieces; the timeless black Chanel flap bag, everyday Balenciaga City tote and discontinued pieces like the large Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour or Chanel GST, which have all been available on Amused

Fashion is about expression and an opportunity to embrace the unique being you are! We see and hear you Generation Z, and that is why our collection is so different from others. We actively seek to include brands that embody individuality in their designs. Amused is an inclusive brand that proudly features items from Vetements and Sophia Webster which are resourced from our London partners who receive it directly from the designers themselves from past season collections, meaning we are able to bring you items maintaining a box-fresh newness.

There is also a place for art collectors and vintage hunters. Our collection includes the Hermes Retourne from the 60s or the Gucci bamboo clutches from the 80s.

Amused are members of your community, we have the same dreams and hopes as you for a healthier and more responsible life and have created a company to embody this vision. We would not accept anything at Amused which we wouldn’t want ourselves from the way we serve our customers to the pieces in our collections.

The conscious fashion revolution is here and the way you view your purchases is about to change forever!

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