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What’s AMUSED up to? Fashion Meets Upcycled Art

by Amused Co 06 Oct 2020

Here at AMUSED, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Every month, we take on a project that allows us to channel this sustainability into something that will make a difference, and when our CEO Sara Teymoor upcycled some items from her home, we just had to share it with you!

Quarantine gave all of us ample time to rediscover our hobbies and look after ourselves, and Sara spent her time planting fruits and vegetables in used plastic bottles that she upcycled rather than using in-store bought pots. This sparked the idea for using these items as props for AMUSED product shoots.

Recycling has increasingly become the trend of the town, because who doesn’t love some DIYs out of items lying around the house? An approach that gives a second chance to these unwanted items is ‘upcycling’, where owing to creative intervention these items acquire greater value that goes beyond economic, cultural and social aspects. With this type of art, you can transform waste such as paper, cardboard or plastic into amazing art pieces. These pieces are not only unique, they are also authentic to your personal style and easy to mix-n-match. The possibilities are as far as your imagination takes you so imagine away!

Following Sara’s steps, our team gathered items from all around the community and with the help of WetheLoft upcycled these bottles into bold and colorful vases. The bottles were then filled with intricate flowers to show our consumers that just like preloved items, upcycled items can also look extraordinary and can be used as statement art pieces in their homes or offices.

AMUSED has collaborated with different artists around the city to turn this initiative into an interesting part of all their shoots. The flowers from the colorful repurposed bottles came from Cloud9.floralatelier, and they now have their permanent home here at AMUSED. Our most recent shoot was with Alaa Balkhy’s brand Alaa Bint Hashim, and the theme chosen was color blocking. Her clothing line of repurposed clothes were classic accent pieces to the vision of AMUSED’s preloved items. Stay tuned to check out the result of this wonderful shoot soon only at AMUSEDCO.

The repurpose of these items has a lot of environmental benefits such as extending the life of these items and in turn reducing the amount of waste. It takes a great deal of technique and creativity to create such pieces that are in line with the sustainable values that we hold very dear to our brand. In order for more people to recognize and start their sustainable journeys, it is important to set the same example. Therefore, we strive to incorporate these sustainable aspects at AMUSED to impact the society positively and inspire our consumers to do the same.

Excited to contribute to AMUSED’s sustainable project of the month? Tell us what you’d like us to do next and send in your suggestions in our DM here!

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