Doaa Monaco
The team was very friendly and the service was fast and professional, the idea of purchasing luxury with affordable prices is luxury itself.
Sausan AlKadi
I love pre-owned and I have been collecting pre-owned for the past 12 to 15 years. I bought this bag from AMUSED because it represents my personality and I cannot wait to wear it and style it. Thank you so much!
Yara Almuhtadi
My latest purchase from AMUSED is a timeless piece, and definitely a great addition to my wardrobe!
Yara Alnamlah
Secondhand is part of being sustainable and I personally love to buy second-hand pieces.The pieces AMUSED has are in the perfect condition. I’m going to be coming back for vintage Chanel backpack. I love her!
Norah Aleisa
Yes, I love vintage fashion and modern preloved like your Bottega Veneta Acro Bag! As long the items have been authenticated and from a trusted source like AMUSED. Buying luxury is the best investment, especially as AMUSED has made it sustainable and with accessible prices!
Yara Aldabbagh
كوني جزء من دي التجربة لإعادة الاستخدام في السعودية يفرحني . التعامل مع أميوزد كان سلس ولطيف حسيت اني بتعامل مع أصدقائي ، التوصيل كان سريع و مغلف باهتمام و حب
Nihal Felemban   
Firstly I was so surprised with how good the quality of AMUSED items was. My handbag was brand new and had never been used. I couldn’t believe the price and condition when the bag arrived. It was even still in its original packaging.